Upcoming Workshops

Upcoming workshops:
Free workshop!
Friday 31 August 6:15pm Start
Benronalds Street – Seventeen Mile Rocks
Come learn about counting macros as well as the Zone Diet, led by my amazing CrossFit coach and nutrition extraordinaire Kate Gordon. Not only will we discuss quantity, we will discuss quality. My friends from Free Range Family Co-op will be joining to talk about their group of incredible small, local, ethically and sustainably-sound farmers.  Also, watch me in action as I demo some kitchen essentials like gut-friendly ferments, nut butters, nutrient-packed smoothies and good fats like ghee. I’ll also have some amazing prepared dishes ready for you to try using the beautiful meats from Free Range Family Co-op.
Not to be missed! This workshop is so fun!
Past workshops:
Co-hosted with Free Range Family Co-op
Saturday 28 July 2018 – 11-2pm
To book: https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/cooking-with-the-bone-deep-flavour-and-essential-nutrition-tickets-46001805639
Saturday 4 August 2018 – 11-3:30pm

To book: virginia@kitchenvitality.com or 0458 269 880

Information Below:


If you enjoy eating meat with loads of flavour, that’s moist, that tastes incredible and that contains loads of health benefits, leave it on the bone. Our grandparents used to eat most of the animal – the luxury of eating just the tender muscle meat every night just didn’t exist like it does today. So without even realising it, the result for our grandparents was a more nourished and well- balanced diet.

Bones like rib bones, shin bones, as well as leg and shoulder joints, cuts like osso bucco and short ribs, and even collagen-rich cuts like chuck – release gelatin when cooked. Gelatin provides us with important amino acids, which are the building blocks of proteins. Glycine is one of those amino acids in gelatin which studies have shown to help heal and seal the gut lining, improve digestion and aid in skin, joint and hair health. Some even report improved sleep and a boost in mental clarity. Gelatin is also rich in minerals like calcium, magnesium & phosphorus which play a role in bone health. Choosing the highest quality meats you can find is of importance – free-range, chemical-free, sustainably-raised and from small local farms with high standards and growing practices.

Come along to this unique workshop hosted by Kitchen Vitality Natural Foods Cooking School and the wonderful local farmers from Free-Range Family Food Co-op. We will be cooking and tasting a variety of chicken, beef, pork and lamb recipes using cuts containing the bone, and you will also learn techniques on how to make delicious gelatin-rich bone broth – a must for the winter season.


HOME COOKING FOR GUT HEALTH: Fermented Foods & Bone Broths


Next workshop: Saturday 4 August 2018.  Taking bookings now.

This essential interactive class is a 4.5 hour fermenting and bones broths workshop with a six course, all-organic lunch which will be prepared by YOU!  Seriously, you’ll love it, and it might be the most fun, relaxing and informative 4.5 hrs on a Saturday you’ll have in a really long time!  Spaces are strictly limited to maintain a small, intimate class size.  This class books out – reserve your space soon.  See below for more details.

Price: $130.  Includes all food and recipes. Contact me at virginia@kitchenvitality.com to register.

Location: My home in Brookfield 4069 (address provided upon registration)

More about this workshop:

Gut-healing Fermented Foods

Fermented foods have been a mainstay on the menu in many cultures around the world for thousands of years.  Traditionally as a method to preserve foods in the absence of modern technology, fermented foods – as we now know – are a pillar for robust health, starting with balancing the flora in our gut.  Other benefits include improved digestion, more effective assimilation of nutrients available in foods, reduced sugar cravings, and many find they lose weight.

Learn how to make these simple yet important probiotic foods in your own kitchen.  You will be able to taste a variety of fermented foods and drinks and take home all delicious recipes.  On the menu will be delicious and nutritious probiotic drinks kombucha and water kefir, mango or tomato salsa and soon-to-be-mainstays in your kitchen – sauerkraut, dilly carrots, coconut yogurt and fermented ketchup, among others.

Beautiful Bone Broths

Along with fermented foods, broths are also a traditional food and are a necessity for strong gut health. In addition to soothing the lining of the gut (which many of us need after years of eating not so nutritious, inflammatory food), broth provides many trace minerals, boosts immunity, and is amazing for bone and skin.  Broths have become the new darling in the world of natural, organic & traditional foods – we are starting to see health-conscious restaurants serve mugs of broth and stands at farmers markets selling their creations – and not for cheaply! Learn how to make your own bone broth at home.  Learn my secrets to creating rich, delicious & gelatinous broth and how to incorporate it in every day meals.

The bone broth portion of class is unsuitable for vegetarians.

Other info:

  • Spot will be reserved for you only upon full payment of the workshop.
  • No refunds for late cancellation (cancellation within one week).  Classes can be made up in future scheduled workshops for an additional charge.
  • Payment by EFT only.  Account details provided upon registration.
  • You must inform me of any food allergies or sensitivities prior to the workshop.


7 Replies to “Upcoming Workshops”

  1. hi there, when will you be doing these two classes again?? am really interested to do them both cheers Michelle xo

  2. Hi Virginia
    Its Sian here from your Kenmore Yoga class , I would like to do your kids whole foood class and poss bring a friend, also your non gluten baking class I’ve missed but will you be doing another soon as my neighbours 11 year old son has just been diagnosed as celiac ?
    thanks speak soon

    1. Hello Sian! Great to hear from you. Yes I will put you on the registered list for the 16 Oct Whole Foods Kids workshop, and do let me know about your friend as soon as you can. We are just about at capacity. As for the baking class – I probably won’t do another one of those for awhile, as I can’t quite fit it in for the rest of the year. 😦 In regards to your neighbour – have her get in touch with me if she’d like – I can offer some food and nutrition guidance. Thanks for getting in touch! x You can also PM me at virginia@kitchenvitality.com

  3. Hi Virginia,

    I have a lovely commitment this Sunday… but don’t wish to miss the next gut health course you schedule. Hoping to bring my Mum along ☺️.
    Mum to Harriet (@BMS) , Angus & Rosie

    1. Sounds great, Catherine! I haven’t scheduled the next one yet but will be end April/May 🙂 I’ll keep you posted! If you’re on Facebook, follow my page – I always post the events there too!

    2. Hi Catherine,
      Hoping see this as it has been a few months! Letting you know my next workshop is on 18 June – from 11-330. Let me know if you and your mum can make it!

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